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Are You an Experienced Rider Looking for a Place to Ride?

$40/person to ride for half a day and take in the countryside. $60 for holidays and weekends

We'll Board Your Horse With the Care We Provide to Our Own

$370/month for pasture boarding, hay, and companionship

Galusha Farm - Warrenville, IL

Galusha Farm in Warrenville, IL has been a family hay and straw producer in the area for over 30 years. They have extensive knowledge on the growth of their hay and are passionate about ensuring every harvest is healthy and extremely nutritious. Galusha Farm always has available hay and straw on site for sale. They harvest 3-4 cuts every spring and fall and have a storage space for the hay that they can manage the temperature to keep it crisp and fresh. They never run out of hay to sell – not even in a drought year!

We offer the best in pasture boarding, with a very large lean-to and a very large barn always open for shelter in all weather conditions, 24/7, 365 days a year. Our board comes with infinite turn-out, plenty of exercise, plenty of hay access at all times, and the opportunity for your horse to act like a real horse - carefree and happy ... day-in and day-out, with the freedom to roam 11 acres of 2 managed pastures. This is the very best care a horse can get, because it is natural.

We Offer Horse Boarding, Leasing, Riding, & Lessons

Galusha Farm is fortunate enough to have 10,000 acres of County Forest Preserves and Fermilab to trail ride in. All within a short ride from the barn. Herrick Lake Forest Preserve is 1/4 mile down the road. It's like nothing else to hit the trails and see all types of wildlife such as coyote, deer, or wild turkey. When you board your horse with us, you are welcome to come by the farm anytime, from sun-up to sunset. We welcome you to come visit and ride your horse as frequently as you desire.

If you are renting/trail riding/lessons etc, we will not allow you on the trails or arenas if the weather is not good, such as too hot or too wet for safe footing.

Don’t own a horse? No problem! Galusha Farm has horses of our own that are professionally trained and available for joy rides, riding lessons, and even share boarding. We have 3 horses and 2 ponies available for lease. We have pricing available for single people month to month as well as doubles – so you could split the fee with a friend and receive unlimited access to the horse or pony of your choosing. Come to see us or give us a call to discuss details!

Horse & Pony Share Boarding / Leasing Details

Galusha Farm has 3 horses and 2 kid-safe ponies for share boarding/leasing. Instead of paying out a bunch of money upfront to buy a horse or a pony, you are essentially leasing the ownership rights of the horse or pony for upto one year with an option to renew for another year or stop without penalty or fees. The monthly fee covers the board, feed, normal maintenance of the vet bills and the farrier trimming. You get unlimited access to riding the horse/pony and have free range of the close by forest preserve trails to ride them at your leisure.

This is an affordable way to experience the perks and benefits of owning your own horse/pony, but without a lot of responsibility. We take care of the dirty work and ensure the animal is cared for properly, so you can visit and ride when it is convenient for you!

There are single person lease options as well as a very affordable shared options for two people to split costs even further. Come check out the horses/ponies! Call today for more information and find out if Share Boarding/Leasing a horse at Galusha Farm is what you have been missing.

See the Lease agreement hyperlink for the details.

The following forest preserves surround Galusha Farm in Warrenville and have many groomed trails for horseback riding that are available to our riders at their leisure:

Meet Our Owner: Steve Berning

Meet Our Owner: Steve Berning

Who to call?

Trail Rides, we offer horse and pony trail rides for up to three riders at a time. Call Lauren extension 1 at our office number 630-777-6179

Rent to Ride, ride on the Forest Preserve trails. Call Lauren extension 1 at our office number 630-777-6179.

Beginner Lessons, learn all of the horse basics. Call Lauren extension 1 at our office number 630-777-6179.

Horse Time, learn how to have fun with horses. For weekends only Call Joyce extension 2 at our office number 630-777-6179.

Lease, start anytime and commit until May 2018 depending on availability, Click here for more information for our Lease Agreement.  Call Steve extension 3 at our office number 630-777-6179.

Boarding, Board your horse at Galusha Farm, Click here for more information on our Boarding Agreement. Call Steve extension 3 at our office number 630-777-6179.