We currently have 17 ponies and horses all together as geldings and mares. Five of them belong to the owner and are available for lease, share boarding, and lessons. The self-imposed limit for pasture boarding, that Galusha Farm manages well is 19 total horses on 11 acres, with 2 pastures.

Galusha Farm has 2 pastures in Warrenville, IL that we rotate the horses between. We feed our boarded horses hay 24-7 days a week, 365 days a year. We produce our own hay for feeding at our barn and sell hay to many stables and small horse barns in the region.

In addition to pasture boarding, we can feed grain at extra cost. However, your horse will pick-up weight once eating our nutritious hay and pasture, considering we add micro-nutrients to the soil in our pastures and both hay fields. These nutrients go into the hay and grass and as a result, into the horses for ultimate health and nutritional value.

Ask about our veterinary program and the fact that none of our horses have ever had colic in the 30 years we have been boarding horses!

Come on out, look around and say hello, and get a sense of our horses' day-to-day life.

$440 per month for pasture boarding in Warrenville, IL.

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Large Barn for run-in comfort 24-7-365

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