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Are You an Experienced Rider Looking for a Place to Ride?

$40/person to ride for half a day and take in the countryside. $60 for holidays and weekends

Galusha Farms offers trail rides for only experience riders. Our requirements are to ensure the safety of our horses and riders, since we ride all public trails. In order to ride on our trail rides you must know:

- how to saddle & bridle your horse
- how to walk/trot/canter completely unaided
- safely control a horse

Call us today to learn more information!

We'll Board Your Horse With the Care We Provide to Our Own

$395/month for pasture boarding, hay, and companionship

Galusha Farm Spring 2019 update

Our custom farming work available for 2019

For most of Steve Berning, owner of Galusha Farm, life he has been doing row-crop production, and for the last 3 years the focus has been strictly custom work only, full time. For Steve and his long-term farm workers ... for other producers, and no production of my own!

This means your job could be the first on our list each year!

NEW At Galusha Farm This Spring:

  • SUPERIOR STRAW BEDDING! This new and exciting product can be reviewed on this website and reviewed on Facebook. This comes in compressed plastic bags! Our hay bale sizes and packages are now available in 3 sizes! Bundles of the straw typically come in twenty one small square bales for your convenience. The compressed bag of straw makes a very big pile of chopped straw and dedusted (no dust) with no weed seeds! We also offer round or bigger square bales as well.
    • Round bales:
      Ours are net wrapped for easy, clean handling and shipping. They can be successfully stored outside with the proper net wrapping on their round sides!
      Ask us to store your round bales inside our barns or yours, if you want them out of the weather. You can also pick them up and we will place 2 in an 8 foot pickup truck!
      Round bales are good for outside horses, in paddocks and pastures as a supplement to grass pastures and so they can eat all day long, as a horse is supposed to do (you know..."eat like a horse"). Put them in the Net Bags to reduce waste to almost ZERO! Putting them in a round bale feeder is also a good idea. Farm & Fleet and other ag stores, sell them for $199.
      • BIG Square bales
        We also make the BIG square bales by popular demand over the winter months, due to the hay shortages, I was getting calls for a lot of the BIG Squares, to my surprise and from horse barns, so we bought one. We have the smallest size available, in this BIG bale category, and they are the 32" x 36" and variable lengths, usually 7-8 ft long. Like Round bales BIG Squares are good for outside horses, in paddocks and pastures and as a supplement to grass pastures so they can eat all day long. Again, we suggest you place them in the Net Bags to reduce waste and also put them in a round bale feeder etc. Many a barn feeder has re-thought through the hay feeding process and they handle them quite easily, including breaking the flake into smaller pieces, for stall feeding. In fact, some horse barns have switched from small squares to BIG squares all together because it is easier. It is not for everyone.
        • All hay bale package-sizes can be available in all grass, mixed hay or alfalfa hay, so place your order sooner than later, to assure you get what you want and so they are ready when you need them. Ask us to get yours made and reserved to your specific order.
          We will deliver any of them as you need them, as they can stay in our barn until needed, with your name on them (literally) and in the cloud inventory system we have developed. Any size load is okay, from 1 bale to 24 tons per load. We have 2 four-wheel drive trucks (with or without trailers) for any situation you have. One of the trucks has a bump-bed on the back of it so we can slide them off virtually anywhere! Be sure to ask for the dump-bed truck if that appeals to you.
          • Del'y is available usually the next morning or withing 356 hours, or you pickup in the mornings (when it's cooler outside) ... just text me ALL your details so we do it right. We save your text message hay order details for your convenience of repeat orders and consistency. It's just a text-away!
            Feel free to call anytime and talk. You can come over and look around and we can sit on the front porch for a while and talk about your needs and the weather!
            • Brand new hay barn! It has significantly more fan ventilation for the final hay bale curing (which is normal and expected). We will have 20 fans in the new hay barn (walls and cupolas), compared to 6 fans in the 1991 barn that burned on 11-19-2018. It also has a full 176 foot building ventilated ridge cap, and ventilated soffits, to remove stagnate warm air and humid air conditions, as they will all be tied to a thermostat and a humidity control to automatically turn on and remove the water vapors! Improves the quality of the hay.
            • Also the new hay barn will have no direct sunlight or any indirect sunlight openings (like roof translucent panels). Sunlight is great, but it does bleach and browns the exterior of the hay bales where the bale edges are exposed on the outside of the stacks. This will improve the color of all bales, which is only an aesthetic concern anyway. It never affected the quality, only the aesthetics!
            • We bought a new CIH 454 round baler for “net wrapping” hay into round bales. Net wrapping vs twine wrapped (and tightly NET WRAPPED bales) helps tremendously in preserving the quality of the round bale hay, when stored outdoors, even though we will be storing a lot of them inside!
            • Let us know if you would like to buy Large Square bales (3’ x 3’ x 7’ long or whatever size you want) If you commit to me to buying Large Square bales of hay, I will buy a Large Square baler! Let me know your thoughts by calling me about it to discuss your possible needs, and how other horse barn feeders use the Large Square bales successfully in their barns.
            • In 2018 we had excellent population counts and emergence of the soybean counts with our Great Plains 30 ft. no-till drill, 7.5” row spacing (or 15” row spacing) with seed press wheels in seed trenches, closing wheels, and rear drags. Population monitor, acre counter. 
            • In 2018, we had excellent population counts around curves/bends in the field and emergence spacings of the corn counts that came up with our JD1770nt 24 row 30” no-till corn planter with the new hydraulic down pressure called Delta Force® (each of the 24 rows acts individually!) electric seed spacings with the v-Set, v-Drive, and the air operated row cleaners (Clean Sweep® ), Variable Rate seeding prescriptions, Liquid fertilizer & insecticide, scales, RTK guidance and a lot more.

What's been working all along

Strip-tillage (Zone tillage) with a SoilWarrior®

  • Deep till with 33" special vertical blades for compaction removal, or shallow tillage with wavey vertical coulters (no smearing of side walls with either one), applies liquid or dry fertilizer in the zones and buries/distributes the fertilizer in the zones.
  • Good for CStP program points at the NRCS office! RTK guidance.

We transfer these guidance lines to you for your planting needs. Variable rate fertilizer application with AgLeader monitor. Professional reports & maps.

  • 8-row combine in tip-top shape, 8 row folding head by Geringhoff (saves kernel loss at the head) row stalk stompers, AgLeader monitor, crop harvest yield reports
  • 1,000 bu grain cart, with scales and reporting
  • 3 semi-trucks and hopper bottom trailers, commercially plated
  • Professional reports and maps

For Pictures, reports, maps etc. click here or see YouTube videos under the Galusha Farm name.

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Who to call?

Trail Rides, we offer horse and pony trail rides for up to three riders at a time. Call Lauren extension 1 at our office number 630-777-6179

Rent to Ride, ride on the Forest Preserve trails. Call Lauren extension 1 at our office number 630-777-6179.

Beginner Lessons, learn all of the horse basics. Call Lauren extension 1 at our office number 630-777-6179.

Horse Time, learn how to have fun with horses. For weekends only Call Joyce extension 2 at our office number 630-777-6179.

Lease, start anytime and commit until May 2019 depending on availability, Click here for more information for our Lease Agreement. Call Lauren extension 1 at our office number 630-777-6179.

Boarding, Board your horse at Galusha Farm, Click here for more information on our Boarding Agreement. Call Lauren extension 1 at our office number 630-777-6179.

The Counties we service are:

Will, DuPage, Cook, Kane, Kendall, Dekalb, McHenry, Lee, LaSalle, Putnam, Ogle, Bureau, Boone, Winnebago.