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Since 1980, Galusha Farm is focused on the production of superior animal hay and straw. We grow, harvest, store, deliver and unload for you to purchase all year long. Stop by our 20,000-square-foot humidity-controlled warehouse to pick the best hay and animal bedding in the Greater Chicago, IL area.

Livestock Animal Hay ̶ USDA Quality Designations

Current Low Sugar / NSC (non-structural carbohydrates) Inventory

We have 23 out of 23 hay test results for this year that come out as Low Sugar (LS). The good news is...it is in 5 different types of hay! Anything less than 12% is considered 'very good' NSC results.


Perhaps you have a horse in moderate to high work, that needs more protein … and you want low sugar…ask for our alfalfa mixed hay. Our alfalfa mixed hay in inventory is low sugar. This is because it is not only the hay type (not just straight grass) that makes it low sugar but how it is made. Here is an interesting article discussing that.


We have 23 out of 23 different hay samples that all tested below 10% NSC.


- Alfalfa hay =  5.13% to 9.57%
- Alfalfa hay + a little Grass     =  5.39% to 7.67%
- Mixed Alfalfa & Grass =  5.02% to 8.82%
- Grass hay + a little Alfalfa =  5.12% to 9.03%
- Grass hay=  4.41% to 9.89%


We have small and large square bales and round bales (all stored indoors) in inventory. Call for animal hay availability & ask about our pasture hay feeders!

Animal Bedding  ̶  Certified Weed-Free

"I just went on a tour of the farm. Great quality hay and even better, great customer assistance. They helped us find the best mix of hay for our horses. I also tried the Superior Straw bedding and it’s fantastic. Super soft and instantly reduced the odors. I’ve always been a wood shaving user and I’m sold on the shredded dust-free straw of Superior Straw! Thanks so much, Galusha Farm and Steve!!" - Kells Shaw

"This is my second year feeding Galusha Farm hay. I have nothing but good to say about the hay and the people that work there because they really stand behind their product. My horses need to stay in top shape to compete and their performance is excellent since feeding Galusha hay. I am very picky about my hay and couldn’t be happier. I am trying to create more space so I can get all my hay filled by Galusha Farm!!!" - Annette Harris, Newark, IL

Pickup Hours at the Farm

Pickup hours at our warehouse in Warrenville (no appointment or calls necessary)

May through October:
- 7:30 am - 9:30 am Monday through Saturday

November through April:
- 7:30 am - 5:30 pm Monday through Friday
- 7:30 am - Noon on Saturday



Down On The Farm Update

Hay Season 2022!

It's sandwich season! What that looks like for us is all the equipment is out in the field, mowing, raking, baling, and hauling hay for this year. If you see Galusha equipment out on the road, don't forget to wave. And please be careful, there are lots of farmers out getting their crops in this spring. Share the roads.

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Who to Call?

Looking for hay, straw or mulch? Call Steve to check availability at 630-878-6350.

Lease a Horse, start anytime depending on availability, Click here to read our Lease Agreement. Call Lauren extension 1 at our office number 630-777-6179.

Board your Horse, Click here to read our Boarding Agreement. Call Lauren extension 1 at our office number 630-777-6179.

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