Strip-Till Services

Galusha Farm's very own Steve Berning offers strip-till services as part of his custom farming services to those looking for the next step.

Steve's strip-till success was featured in Nutrient Management, Precision Ag in an article written by Jack Zemlicka. If you want to know more about Steve's custom farming techniques, feel free to check out the article below.

  • Galusha Farm performs zone tillage (aka strip tillage) for corn & beans in Northern IL.
  • We use the zone tillage machine.
  • Test drive it for free at
  • Below surface fertilizer placement of liquid and dry fertilizers, in the zone, where the roots are!
  • Deep and shallow zone tillage options.
  • Spring or fall or both times of the year for optimum seed bed and early planting
  • Recognized as a BMP (Best Management Practice)
  • USDA-NRCS likes the practice of incorporating P&K below the soil surface.
  • CStP (Conservation Stewardship Program) has a substantial payment for 5 years, when you score high using this BMP.
  • Variable rate (VRT) fertilizing as we strip.
  • VRT & zone tillage can reduce fertilizer applied.
  • Visual controls that allow monitoring that each row is getting product and is not plugged up.
  • Holds 8-9 tons of dry fertilizer
  • Scales on the dry fertilizer tanks
  • Two (2) dry tanks for separate fertilizer formulas, if needed
  • 1,600 gallon liquid fertilizer tank
  • Four (4) sections for GPS row turn-off's to save fertilizer
  • Twelve (12) row machine (we planted 24 corn rows without problems)
  • Row units have parallel linkage with 18" of vertical travel allows the coulter design to climb over obstacles and does not bring up rocks.
  • RTK auto-steer on our tillage tractor
  • Guidance files are provided for your planting tractor.
  • In some cases the guidance patterns can be transferred wireless to the planter tractor. Nice feature in a dry year when planting follows stripping in the same field!
  • We can operate in moist topsoil conditions and wet trash, which flows through without plugging, because of the rolling coulters (vertical tillage method) vs a mole knife that plugs up with wet trash ... Getér done
  • The coulters do not smear the tillage wall like mole knives can do.
  • Rx fertilizer prescriptions can be sent wireless to our tillage tractor, using the AgLeader® technology.
  • As applied maps and field reports available right away at the finish line.
  • Zone tillage will get your planter in the field 2-4 days before no-till planting.
  • I will assist you with the USDA-NRCS program called CStP (Conservation Stewardship Program). I can help enroll your farm(s) under the guidelines of the USDA.
  • Zone tillage is a minimum tillage conservation practice much like no till. It has advantages to the soil and the producer. It saves! You will begin to manage for healthier soils as compared to the everyday tillage that is common place.
  • We can help you be efficient & timely with your fall & spring busy times.

We can help you with all your production farming needs. Call Steve at (630) 777-6179 and don't be surprised when I answer the phone!