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We provide strip tillage services in the Warrenville, IL area

You don't have to choose between soil health and farm profitability. Galusha Farm's strip till farmers can minimize erosion while creating precise, nutrient-rich zones. Zone tillage is a minimum strip tillage conservation practice much like no till. We use the SoilWarrior zone tillage machine, which places liquid or dry fertilizer below the soil surface, in the zone, where the roots are!

The USDA-NRCS even recommends the practice of incorporating phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) below the soil surface. You will begin to manage for healthier soils as compared to the everyday tillage that is commonplace.

Hire a strip till farmer to help you be efficient and timely with your fall and spring busy times, resulting in reduced passes across the field saving equipment, fuel and labor... while reducing your fertilizer output per acre. When you need strip tillage services in the Warrenville, IL area, rely on us.

Technology, Focused Fertility Fuel Smooth Strip-Till Transition by Jack Zemlicka - Strip-Till Farmer

Steve Berning leverages precision farming practices and fall and spring fertilizer applications with his strip-till rig to improve efficiency.

Advantages of Strip Tillage

  • Zone tillage will get your planter in the field 2-4 days before no-till planting. We can operate in moist topsoil conditions and wet trash, which flows through without plugging, because of the rolling coulters (vertical tillage method) vs a mole knife that plugs up with wet trash. Spring or fall or both times of the year for optimum seed bed and early planting.
  • Excellent choice for corn-on-corn and for a lot of points if vying for CStP (Conservation Stewardship Program) grant money from FSA-NRCS-USDA. In fact, we can help enroll your farm(s) under the USDA guidelines. The CStP (Conservation Stewardship Program) has a substantial payment for 5 years, when you score high using this recognized Best Management Practice (BMP).

Put our 40+ years of knowledge to work for you. Call us today and win the day.

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