Hayhut Hay Feeder

Hayhut Hay Feeder

Galusha Farm now carries Hayhut pasture hay feeders. The Hayhut is a UV stabilized hay feeder made of polyethylene. It cannot rust and does not require any maintenance unlike the majority of metal or wood feeders.

We use one in our corral for our horses where we can feed round bales, large square bales, and small square bales. There are just a few reasons why we choose to use one and provide them to our customers.

  • Enclosed to keep out inclement weather
  • Reduces hay waste by one-third
  • Promotes calmness and contentedness as the horses all know that they have a constant source of forage
  • Significant labor savings by extending the time between replenishment

$995 - Hayhut
$1,225 - Hayhut w/ 1.75" (small mesh) Net Combo
$1,225 - Hayhut w/ 2" (large mesh) Net Combo
$230 - Hayhut 1.75" (small mesh) Net Kit
$230 - Hayhut 2" (large mesh) Net Kit

Rockford, IL / Janesville, WI Metro Area
Taylor Select (815) 601-3002

Frankfort, IL / Will County IL Area
Linzey Huey (815) 546-9195

McHenry & Lake County IL Area
Tom Berning (630) 330-9970

DeKalb County IL Area
Julie Johnson - Canter-Lope Horses (630) 270-6122

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