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Vertical tillage equipment is used to lightly till the soil and cut up residue, mixing and anchoring a portion of the residue into the upper few inches of soil while still leaving large quantities of residue on the soil surface. The best description for vertical tillage is to call it a form of mulch-till, as it generally leaves greater than 30 percent residue on the soil surface, yet creates nearly full-width disturbance on the soil surface.

Read this article on how to use vertical tillage for Systems Management from Farm Journal Mid-February 2020.

The main objective of using vertical tillage is to break up surface soil compaction, or smooth out areas in a field with shallow (2-3") rills from water erosion or ruts and tire tracks from tractors, combines, grain carts, trucks, and other equipment. It is also used to help improve rainfall penetration by breaking up crusts.

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Case IH True-Tandem™ 330 Turbo

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