Steve is ready to plant your soybeans and wheat to save you money, by getting the seed in the dirt when the clock and calendar says so! You know you want the best yield so count on this Greatplains Solid Stand 30 foot no-till drill to put the seed at the correct 1.5" depth and not on top the soil. Plant 140,000 seeds and get a good stand...right away! Recent agronomy reports state that a farmer will loose 0.75 bushels per acre yield for every day late planting your soybeans.We get the seeds in the dirt and you in the money! Be sure to get your beans planted at the right pays!
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  • 24 row JD 1770 with all the Precision Planting upgrades & variable rate seeding.
  • 48 row 7.5" spacing No-Till Drill by Great Plaines

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