What Makes Superior Straw Better?

We offer Superior Straw bedding in the Chicago, IL area

Galusha Farm is committed to offering the highest quality straw. Superior Straw is the best way to provide the healthiest and most comfortable bedding for your horses, goats, chickens, rabbits, alpacas, dogs, sheep, guinea pigs, llamas, livestock, and more.

Our state-of-the-art de-dusting process takes 100% all-natural wheat straw from the harvested grain crop and allows you to return the used straw back to the soil as compost.

Superior Straw bedding is more absorbent than wood pellets or shavings, is not treated with chemicals, is dust-free, and traps odors. We serve clients in Warrenville, IL, and surrounding areas.

Available in 3 varieties to suit any bedding need:

  • Chopped - cut short to aid in easy picking and spreading
  • Long Cut - just like a regular straw bale, only dust-free
  • Straw Pellets - super absorbent (Learn more on this page)

Straw is better for the environment and provides income for U.S. crop farmers without increasing energy inputs and without putting land into forest production. Here are other benefits:

  • Chopped small enough to sift through the fork, leaving less bedding to replace than regular straw
  • Environmentally friendly and helps build organic matter in your soil faster than wood products
  • No chemicals are added
  • Reduces barn odors by trapping ammonia gas
  • Expands 100% more than wood shavings (10-12 cubic feet) saving money

"Superior Straw is the perfect name for this hard-working super lightweight bedding.
The fork slips into and out of the straw with ease. Natural, Lightweight, chushy and softer plus airy/ventilated [meaning it does not stick to each strand and no more back aches] for a speedy muck-up. I work full time and my time is precious, so I need to clean ASAP."
- Aurelia Pearson

Superior for the Environment

  • Unlike forests that are harvested to make wood shavings, the agricultural and natural by-product of harvesting wheat is readily available as long as there are farmers.
  • The all-wheat harvested area in 2019 was estimated at 38 million acres. The leftover straw can be used for bedding and then compost to nourish new crops.
  • Straw is naturally dry and ready to be used for animal bedding. Processing is required to make wood shavings and heating is needed to dry the shavings before they can be used as animal bedding.

100% Wheat Superior Straw Independent Reps and Retail Outlets

Frankfort, IL / Will County IL Area
Linzey Huey (815) 546-9195

Newark, IL / Kendall County IL Area
Matt Martin - Martin Ave Shops (815) 416-9350

DeKalb County IL Area
Julie Johnson - Canter-Lope Horses (630) 270-6122

McHenry & Lake County IL Area
Tom Berning (630) 330-9970

Winnebago & Boone County IL Area
Curt & Anita Luckey - Cherry Valley Feed & Supplies (815) 494-0068

  • Superior Straw bedding helps reduce the negative impact of dust on animals and employees
  • Helps maintain biosecurity by preventing the spread of infectious disease
  • Improves hoof health and reduce respiratory problems in your animals
  • Easy on the animal's anatomy as it stands and rests or lies down
  • It provides an environment for the animal to shuffle it around and create uneven surfaces, providing mental stimulation and comfort

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