Quality Hay & Straw for Sale Year Round

We have Illinois certified weed free mulch hay/straw. It is certified by an inspector with the Illinois Crop Improvement Association. Call for the details and ask for a copy of the certificate.

Galusha Farm Offers

  • Grass Hay
  • Mixed Hay
  • Alfalfa Hay
  • Wheat Straw
  • Mulch Hay
  • Certification of Weed Free
  • Round Bales-some stored in barns & net wrapped
  • Large Square Bales (3' x 3')
  • We make all of our own hay, in Kane & DuPage Counties, IL. All of our hay is stored inside the barn, including most of the large round bales. The round bales are wrapped with an open mesh netting for ease of transportation handling and final curing and breathing. They do not spoil & fall apart in the melting, when wrapped correctly.

    Our barn is humidity controlled by a humidistat that turns on roof fans and floor fans, for ultimate drying after making the hay (all hay sweats & cures after being baled for about 2 weeks). This assures the hay is good, if baled at the correct moisture.

    We have a variety of small square bales that weigh 45-55 pounds. Our round bales are 4 ft. x 6 ft. and weigh 900 pounds. Our Big Squares are 3' x 3' and weigh 900 pounds.

    Delivery is available at any time by a skid steer loader, wagon, 4x4 truck or truck & trailer. No order is ever too large or small.

    If you commit to us, for your winter needs, we will commit to you that the hay is yours, and we will fulfill your winter hay needs until 1st crop comes in mid May to early June. Place your order now for assurance this winter!

Our Guarantee:

"You can have your pick of any hay in the barn, bale for bale. If you bring it back for any reason, without question!" -Steve Berning, Owner of Galusha Farm

Makes For A Good Hay Crop

We can deliver by truck, tractor, trailer or wagon ... whatever it takes ... anytime, any place!

We have plenty of hay storage, easy access at ground level, quick loading and plenty of help if you pick up your order.

A full load of bales headed to your barn this winter!

Our round bales are always stored indoors!

Freshly Cut Alfalfa