Custom Farming, Corn Harvesting, Drain Tile, & Demolition Services in Kane County, IL and surrounding areas

Galusha Farm demolish buildings, cleanup fence lines, clear land and provide underground drainage tile management systems.

Custom Farming of all kinds:

1. Planting
Steve is ready to plant your soybeans and wheat to save you money, by getting the seed in the dirt when the clock and calendar says so! You know you want the best yield so count on this Greatplains Solid Stand 30 foot no-till drill to put the seed at the correct 1.5" depth and not on top the soil. Plant 140,000 seeds and get a good stand...right away! Recent agronomy reports state that a farmer will loose 0.75 bushels per acre yield for every day late planting your soybeans.We get the seeds in the dirt and you in the money! Be sure to get your beans planted at the right pays!
Call Steve now. 630-878-6350!

  • a. 24 row JD 1770 with all the Precision Planting upgrades & variable rate seeding.
  • b. 48 row 7.5” spacing No-Till Drill by Great Plaines
  • Click Here To View Our YouTube Video On Planting
  • Read about Soybean Planting
  • Read about Verticle Tillage system for Precision Farming.pdf

Corn Harvesting Services Kane County, IL
Corn Harvesting Services Kane County, IL
Corn Harvesting Services Kane County, IL
Corn Harvesting Services Kane County, IL

2. Tillage

  • a. Strip Tillage 12 row Soil Warrior® with Liquid or Dry fertilizer and VRT application
    (2 different compartments/dry products at 1 time-both VRT).
    • i. Excellent choice for corn-on-corn and for a lot of points if vying for CStP grant money from FSA-NRCS-USDA!
  • b. CIH 330 Turbo vertical tillage and rolling baskets
    • i. Click Here To View Our YouTube Video On Tillage

3. Harvesting
  • a. 8 row folding Gerringhof corn head and 30 ft. platform on a well maintained CIH combine with Ag Leader monitor & SMS computer desktop program.
  • b. 1,000 bushel grain cart with scales and thumb drive for data output
    • i. Click Here To View Our YouTube Video On Harvesting

4. Corn Planting
  • I am anxious to perform your corn planting with my expertise and very up to date planter! Get your corn planted on time and I will save you money!
    My JD 1770 nt 24r30 no-till planter has the CCS and is in excellent condition with new disc openers 200 acres ago. It has spike/rubber/cast close wheels, new transport tires CleanSweep Vset, Delta Force every PP upgrade available in 2018. It also has Martin row cleaners w/JD cast coulters (as an option, upon request), Wave Vision seed tubes, (2) 50 bu. Central Fill system w/DigiStar scales, a 450 gal. fert./insect. tank w/24 Red Ball sight glasses, 3" liquid fill/screens, new hyd. centrifuge pump for in-furrow fert./insect., Keeton seed firmers with fertilizer splitters, drag chains, fold-over auto markers on machine (setup for RTK guidance-AgLeader Integra monitor, Paradyme dual receiver) This machine is tight and not worn-out.



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