The Joker

Precise And Quick Stubble Cultivation

The Joker is ideally suited for shallow stubble cultivation to stimulate the germination of volunteer crops, to interrupt capillarity, to mix in harvest residues and for a shallow seed bed preparation. It produces a high ratio of fine soil in the germination horizon and is resistant to high amounts of straw, organic fertilizers or catch crops.

  • High acre output is possible due to high working speeds up to 12 mph.
  • It is particularly suitable for the use on heavy sites where the soil has to be loosened deeply and the harvest residues, however, only have to be mixed in a shallow way.
  • Very sturdy and suitable for all types of soil. Resistant to stones even at high speeds.
  • Linked packer rings for excellent self-cleaning.
  • High output due to the large spacing between the Disc System rows and the packers
  • Depth control wheels for an exact maintenance of the working depth and a very good adaption to the terrain
  • Hydraulic depth control and EDC control of the depth from the tractor seat

In which working conditions does the Joker perform well?

In which working conditions does the Joker perform well?

  • Shallow and fast stubble cultivation for quick germination of lost grain, interrupting capillary and ensuring incorporation of straw
  • Effective seed bed preparation after ripping or cultivator
  • Incorporation of long stalks and difficult residues (cover crops, corn stubble)
  • Smooth incorporation of organic fertilizers including manure & cover crops

Advantages of the Joker

  • Exact and quick stubble cultivation
  • Produces high quantities of fine soil
  • Efficient consolidation in the germination horizon
  • No problems with long harvest residues and shallow cultivation.
  • High clearance as the disc elements are mounted in pairs.
  • Excellent operational results
  • Good penetration due to aggressive, serrated hollow discs
  • Cone-shaped discs for a constant cutting angle of 17°
  • Compact machine with high levelling capacity
  • Discs are mounted in rubber elements, thus increasing the operational life and improving the contour-following qualities

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