100% Wheat Straw Bedding Pellets

100% wheat straw animal bedding pellets produced right here in the Midwest!

Just like our other excellent straw products, Galusha Farm is proud to offer 100% wheat straw bedding pellets. We're convinced that straw is not only the best way to provide the healthiest and most comfortable bedding for your horses, goats, chickens, rabbits, alpacas, dogs, sheep, guinea pigs, llamas, livestock, and more; but it's far better for the environment.

It's a renewable resource that is better for the land when tilled back into the soil. Typical wood products don't compost easily and leach nutrients from the soil, requiring you to add more fertilizer.

Our state-of-the-art de-dusting process takes 100% all-natural wheat straw from the harvested grain crop and turns them into pellets with zero additives during the process.

One 40 lb bag expands to 6 cubic feet saving you money on bedding

These wheat pellets expand 6x their original volume, more than a bag of shavings. We recommend using them where your animal typically urinates with a layer of Superior Straw over the top for the healthiest and most absorbent bedding you can get.

"I love both the Superior Straw Pellets and the Superior Straw for bedding. It is much more absorbent than shavings and picking is a breeze. I put the pellets down first on the wet areas and laid the chopped straw on top. I love that it is also dust-free. I highly recommend them both !
- Patricia Banks Query

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