Lessons & Trail Rides

Lessons & Trail Rides

Galusha Farm allows experienced riders to come out for the day and ride on our surrounding trails.

We currently have three horses and two ponies that are available for day rides and lessons.

For our inexperienced riders we offer lessons in paddocks. Our horses and ponies are trained to work well with children of all ages with the guidance of our professional trainers.

Upon your arrival, you must fill out a Liability Agreement and bring it with you the day of your ride or lesson.

Trail Rides

We offer horse and pony trail rides for up to three riders at a time. A lesson charge may apply for each rider, pending experience and before you hit the trails. Our decision is final.
$20 per hour, per person, without a guide. $30 per hour, per person, with a guide. Call Lauren extension 1 at our office number 630-777-6179.

Rent to Ride

Ride on the Forest Preserve trails ($60 for weekends and holidays. $40 for week days, for up to a half day) Must be a good rider, able to tack yourself, using our tack.
A LESSON CHARGE MAY ALSO APPLY IN ADDITION for all riders, pending your experience...and for 1ST TIME TRIPS TO OUR FARM to "Rent to Ride". Call Lauren extension1 at our office number 630-777-6179.

Beginner Lessons

(in our outdoor round pen or outdoor arena). Get to know horses. Learn all of the horse basics, including tacking, brushing, horse safety, and walk/trot/canter. Help novice riders gain confidence to do whatever they want in the horse world.
You can become comfortable and confident around horses. Sunday, Monday, & Wednesday's only. $50 for 50 minutes. Call Lauren extension 1 at our office number 630-777-6179.

Horse Time

Learn how to have fun with horses. Unique opportunities for individuals or small groups to observe and learn about horse behavior in the herd or one on one. Learn how to play games with a horse, or spend quiet time with them.
Beginner riding lessons offered for age 4 and up. All lessons begin with grooming and ground work.
Weekends only. $50.00 for 50 minutes. Call Joyce extension 2 at the same office number 630-777-6179


Start anytime and commit until next May pending availability (see the agreement on our Pasture Boarding page or click here). Continue the lease with the same pony or horse beyond the initial term, as many have done and are doing now. Call Lauren extension 1 at the same office number 630-777-6179.


Board your horse at our farm. Click here for more details & agreements. Call Lauren at extension 1 at the same office number 630-777-6179.

The following forest preserves surround Galusha Farm in Warrenville and have many groomed trails for horseback riding that is available to our riders at their leisure: