Horse For Sale At Galusha Farm!

Horse For Sale At Galusha Farm!

Beautiful 11 year old dark-Bay Gelding

An unregistered Quarter Horse for trade. Beau is a stunning 11 year old Bay gelding. Even though Beau he is unregistered we have all of his lineage! We are looking to trade for a very reliable trail horse around the same age. Would prefer a beginner friendly buyer , but intermediate would work as well. Sound and sane is a top priority!

Pro's- Beau is a gem in the barn. Sweet as can be. Easy to fall in love with. Will come right up to you when you call him in from the pasture, definite puppy dog personality. He has had a lot of liberty/parelli work, does join ups and will follow you any where you go! As far as riding goes, he is a beautiful mover. I believe he would do well in dressage based on his natural movements. He's been ridden primarily Western, also English, as well as bareback. So he can go anyway you'd like! Very responsive in the arena, and fairly easy to handle.

Cons- Sadly, our barn is just not set up for him. Our arena is not directly on property, and he has gotten in the habit of pulling the lead from us and running back to the barn. With or without another horse as a buddy. I did have success last year with him following me off lead, but I do not have the time to work with him daily to fix this issue. This is a new habit, and shouldn't be a hard fix in a normal barn setting. We've also always ridden him on trails. We are NOT selling or trading him as a trail horse. I feel like it's just something he doesn't love, and all of his bad behavior comes out on trail. In an arena, he's a completely different horse. He also does require some maintenance. He has cysts in his front left hoof, so he has front shoes, bursa injections once a year and a daily previcox.
We absolutely love this horse and hate to see him go, but at this point we feel it's whats best for him. He's a horse that NEEDS a job, and we don't want him to go to waste sitting out in a pasture! He has too much potential!

We will continue to work with him and train until he is sold or traded.

Please Contact Steve at Galusha Farms at 630-777-6179 for more information!